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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Diff'rent Deathstrokes, Gotham's Mad City and Metallo! | News

Download Diff'rent Deathstrokes, Gotham's Mad City and Metallo! | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #205 - In today's news episode, David C. Roberson & Jason Goss discuss:
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Happy Birthday! Michael Keaton Turns 65 Years Old Today |
Jon Polito Dies at 65
Suicide Squad Box Office |
Suicide Squad Behind-The-Scenes Photos Released |
At number 92, Suicide Squad has earned over $672 million internationally |
Deathstroke to Appear in ‘Justice League’ or ‘Batman’ |
Where They Got the Justice League Logo |
GL to Show Up in Justice League |
Amber Heard Mera Costume |
Aquaman Films In Australia; Michael Kenneth Williams Said To Be Black Manta |
Rumors have surfaced that actor Luke Evans has been approached for
New Dawn of Justice Concept Art |
Gotham Mad City Poster |
Official “Mad City” Trailer |
Gotham premiere synopsis released |
Mad Hatter to Be Child, Psychopath |
Bruce’s Playboy Persona is Not What You Think |
Cory Michael Smith Talks His Transformation Into Riddler |
The Strange Triangle Between Penguin, Riddler, and Butch |
Lucifer Casts Chloe's (Dead) Father |
New ‘Supergirl’ Poster Released |
Frederick Schmidt has been tapped to play Metallo |
‘Supergirl’ stuntwoman Jessie Graff just made ‘Ninja Warrior’ history |
Stephen Amell Wants to Do American Ninja Warrior |
Tyler Hoechlin Talks Wearing the Suit |
Why Kevin Smith’s Next Flash Episode Will Be Different |
Rick Cosnett Was Originally Jay Garrick |
Flash Pics Show Flash and Kid Flash Together |
Arrow Premiere Photos Show Prometheus |
David Ramsey Teases His Supergirl Reaction |
Stephen Amell Hints At Triple Role |
‘Arrow’: David Meunier Cast As Ishmael Gregor In Season 5 |
Deathstroke May Be on Arrow Again |
LOT Season 2 Teaser |
Guggenheim Released Vixen Concept Art |
Costume design for Legends of Tomorrow’s VIXEN |
Black Lightning Being Shopped to Networks by Greg Berlanti |
Lead Actress Cast on Krypton |
Justice League Almost Spun-Off from Smallville |
Adam West’s Favorite Person to Work With |
Fanmade Trailer for The Blackest Night |
Conroy and Hamill Want More! |
Fanmade Trailer for Batman v Superman |
New Trailer for Batman Arkham VR |
TellTale Sets Release Date for Batman Episode 2 |

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