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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

'Wonder Woman 2' Gets a Release Date! | News

Superman, The Flash, and Batman save the day in Justice League promotional art.

Download 'Wonder Woman 2' Gets a Release Date! | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #419 - In this news episode Dave and Jason discuss:
Apology, Announcements
Wonder Woman Digital and Blu Ray Release Dates |
Ray Fischer and Ezra Miller React to Their First Action Figures (Mattel Multiverse Line) |
Clay Enos Confirms Justice League Poster Inspired by Alex Ross Painting |
Justice League Feature Trailer |
Wonder Woman 2 Gets Release Date |
Shazam to Be “Big” With SuperPowers |
Sandberg Trolls Fans With Fake Shazam Script |
Why Nightwing Wasn’t Mentioned At SDCC |
Riddler to Have identity crisis in Season 4 |
Barbara’s Role in Gotham Season 4 |
Executive producers Talk How Batman Will Be In Gotham |
Why Laura Benanti Isn’t Returning to Supergirl |
Tom Felton Not Returning As a Series Regular on The Flash |
Flash Getting New Suit (2024 Suit) |
Elongated Man Coming to The Flash |
Gorilla Grodd Coming to Legends of Tomorrow |
Damien Darhk Coming Back? |
Arrow Bosses Already Planning Season 7 |
David Ramsey Says They’ll Dig Back Into Lyla Controversy |
Titans Casts Teagan Croft As Raven |
Batman vs Two-Face gets release Date |
Kevin Conroy Steps Into Christian Bale’s Batsuit |
Bruce Timm Open to More BTAS Movies |

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