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Monday, November 27, 2017

Justice League Fans Vs. Studio! | News

Zack Snyder

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #445 - in this episode Dave and Jason discuss:
Justice League Box Office Updates |
Will There Be a Zack Snyder Cut? |
Cinematographer Fabian Wagner Wants the Director’s Cut |
Batman Stunt Man Signed The Petition |
Zack Snyder Appears to Support Petition |
VFX Artist Says There Will Be No Director’s Cut |
WB Offered To Pay Paramount For Mustache Changes |
Affleck Stole Batarangs From Set |
Snyder’s JL Cameo Revealed |
Aquaman Director Won’t Use Dialogue Bubbles |
Shazam Director Responds to Fake DCEU News |
Nightwing Director Promises New Take |
Joss Whedon Still Working on Batgirl |
CW Midseason Finale Dates Official |
Prepare For Cliffhanger to Season 4 |
EP Explains Grundy/Butch Hybrid |
Gotham Moving Again, But Where? |
Harley Quinn Gets Animated Series |
Fans Pushing for Animated Justice League Reunion |
More Missing BTAS Episodes |

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