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Sunday, December 17, 2017

'Legends of Tomorrow' Mid-Season 3 Review

Beebo sits atop his nordic pile in judgment and hunger.

Celebrate with us in this the season of our lord Beebo!  We review season 3 of 'Legends of Tomorrow' up to the mid-season finale!

Download 'Legends of Tomorrow' Mid-Season 3 Review

DC on SCREEN #453 - Dave and Jason discuss some of our thoughts on 'Legends of Tomorrow' season 3 so far, including our feelings about a particularly interesting story premise that may threaten to destroy entire realities!  Or our suspension of disbelief, at least...  So let's talk Mick Rory's dad in Viet Nam, a (ahem) SHARPE new love interest for White Canary, Helen of Troy on Themyscira, the return of the villainous Damian Darhk and triumphant John Constantine!

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