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Friday, April 20, 2018

Blackhawks and Other Birds of Prey | News

The Blackhawk logo with the dc on screen logo. Episode 479

Harley and Batgirl in 'Birds of Prey'! Spielberg doing 'Blackhawk'! A NEW showrunner for 'Arrow'!

Download Blackhawks and Other Birds of Prey | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #479 - Blackhawks and Birds of Prey | News - Dave and Jason talk:
Mukuta Passes Away |
Harley Quinn and Birds of Prey? |
‘Birds of Prey’ Bumping Suicide Squad 2? |
Steven Spielberg to Direct 'Blackhawk' Based on the DC Comics |
‘Aquaman’ Adds Randall Park as Dr. Shin |
Dr. Shin is NOT a New ‘Aquaman’ Character! |
Levi Leaves Them Breathless |
A Birthday Message For Superman |
‘No Man’s Land’ Finale Will Reboot 'Gotham' |
Jeremiah Won’t Be Called The Joker |
Marc Guggenheim Talks Vixen and Rip Hunter |
Marc Guggenheim Promises Game-Changing 'Arrow' Season Finale |
'Arrow' Gets a New Showrunner for Season 7 |

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