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Thursday, June 7, 2018

491: Branching from 'Suicide Squad' | News

jared Leto Joker and harley Quinn

There's a Jared Leto Joker film in the works, Wonder Woman vs. Big Brother, and Peter Jackson wants nothing to do with any of it!

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #491: 491: Branching from 'Suicide Squad' | News
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Today Dave and Jason discuss:
A Solo Jared Leto Joker is in Development |
Warner Bros Adds Interesting Bio for DC Films President Walter Hamada |
Rumors For Warner Bros. DC Comics Movie Plans for Comic-Con 2018 |
Diane Nelson Leaves Warner Bros. After 22 Years |
No DC For Peter Jackson |
James Wan Hints at Impending ‘Aquaman’ Trailer’s Arrival |
The Shazam! Costume Changed A Lot During Filming |
Shazam Will Be Set During Winter |
Geoff Johns Reveals New Wonder Woman 2 Logo
Zack Snyder Reveals He And Deborah Are Producers on Wonder Woman 2 |
Black Canary and Huntress to be Included in ‘Birds of Prey’? |
Ava DuVernay Updates Us on New Gods |
Nick Frost Is Interested in Being the Penguin |
Justice League’ Premieres on HBO July 7th |
Zack Snyder Confirms Flash’s lightning Color |
Zack Confirms Wayne Tech Flash Suit |
Voicemail Feedback from Wobblyboots85 |
Only 10 Episodes for ‘Gotham’ Season 5? |
Why Wally West Won’t Be a Regular on Legends or The Flash This Year |
Superboy Coming to Titans? |
'Doom Patrol': Cyborg Audition Tape Drops F-Bombs |
Original 'Teen Titans' Series Revival Possible on One Major Condition |
Voicemail Feedback From Jordan Valdez |
Final Thoughts on Lucifer |

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