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Sunday, December 16, 2018

'Aquaman' Review

'Aquaman' show art featuring Aquaman, Orm, Black Manta, and Mera imposed over the flare chase from the Trench

Get:  'Aquaman' Review
'Aquaman' is an imaginative blast! Our review is spoiler-free for the first several minutes, and then we get into the action with fair warning!

We got to attend one of the local Amazon Prime showings of 'Aquaman'! The first 10 or so minutes is spoiler-free, but shortly thereafter we get to the end of the film thusly.
The plot isn't wholly original--far from it, but that's not what's truly remarkable about 'Aquaman.' James Wan and his crew painstakingly create a world where people live and thrive beneath our ocean, and they've done it convincingly. Even if you can argue for some dodgy CGI, there's no denying they've truly innovated the special effects space in front of them to tell this story. 
'Aquaman' is full of jokes, but Aquaman himself is no longer a joke! A whiskey-chugging, bar-brawling, trash-talking badass, he reluctantly embarks on a quest to become king of Atlantis when his brother threatens war on the surface world.  It's an admittedly McGuffin-driven adventure, but one that's full of big action pieces, beautiful environments more expected in a Luc Besson Sci-Fi piece than a superhero film, and a whole lot of potential for future Aquaman (and DC) films!  
This one's a win!
DC on SCREEN #520 - 'Aquaman' Review

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