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Friday, February 8, 2019

Batfleck No More!? + 'Birds of Prey' Teaser and News

Ben Affleck gives up the BATMAN suit in a nod to a classic Spider-man cover

Get:  Batfleck No More!? + 'Birds of Prey' Teaser and News
Ben bows, 'Birds of Prey' teases, and 'Titans' gears up for season 2 while the CW prepares for a CRISIS!

DC on SCREEN #527 - This episode we discuss:
Ben Affleck Out of Reeves’ 'The Batman' |
'Aquaman' Numbers |
Jason’s DCEU vs MCU Numbers |
'Aquaman 2' Update |
Harley Quinn Trilogy Rumor |
Patty Jenkins Says 'Wonder Woman 3' Won't Be Set in the Past |
Patty Jenkins Thinks DCEU Isn't Ready for 'Justice League 2'|
James Gunn in Talks to Direct ‘The Suicide Squad’ Relaunch |
'Suicide Squad 2': James Gunn Movie to Be Produced by Zack Snyder |
Warner Bros. Offered James Gunn a Superman Movie |
The Latest on the Superman Sequel |
Zack Snyder's Zombie Movie 'Army of the Dead' |
Batman Beyond Movie Not Happening |
'Gotham': First Footage of Batman Revealed at TCA |
All DCCW Shows Renewed! |
'The Flash' Name Drops Red Death |
'Supergirl': Winn Won't Return Until Season 5 |
'Batwoman' Pilot Begins Filming in March |
'Batwoman' Adds Cast Members |
CW President Hints 'Batwoman' Likely to Be Picked Up |
'Titans' Season 2 Filming Dates |
'Titans' Season 2 Casting Call Teases Deathstroke's Son |
'Titans' Reportedly Adding Deathstroke's Daughter |
'Age of Ultron' Composer Joins 'Swamp Thing' |
'The New Batman Adventures' and 'The Batman' to Be Added to DC Universe |
George Perez Announces Retirement From Comics |


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