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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Confirmations, Colors, and Cancellations!

Wonder Woman 1984 First Poster with Body Armor

Get: Confirmations, Colors, and Cancellations!

Robert Pattinson is Batman, Tom King is co-writing New Gods, The 'Wonder Woman 1984' poster is the most colorful damn thing ever created, and we have news that 'Swamp Thing' is canceled (and so is 'Lucifer' after season 5!) 
The full run-down:
Robert Pattinson Confirmed as The Batman |
Reeves Confirmed for a Trilogy? |
Robin, Catwoman are Rumored |
‘The Batman’ Production Start Date |
Penguin and Catwoman the Primary Villains |
'Birds of Prey' Star Says the Film Feels "'90s in the Best Way" |
'Birds of Prey' Budget Revealed to Be $75 Million |
Why Warner Brothers Won’t Have an SDCC Hall H Presence in 2019 |
First 'Wonder Woman 1984' Poster Reveals New Costume |
Joel Kinnaman Teases 'Suicide Squad' Return |
Mark Hughes Thinks Idris Elba is Bronze Tiger |
Batman Scribe Tom King is Co-Writing 'New Gods' Screenplay with Ava DuVernay |
The Rock Comments on New 'Black Adam' Director |
Mark Hughes Says a 'Supergirl' Movie is on the Way! |
'Swamp Thing' Cancelled by DC Universe |
'Swamp Thing' Season Finale Date Revealed |
DC Universe Issues Statements About the Future |
The CW Not Renewing Deal With Netflix |
'Arrow': The CW to Air a Retrospective Episode as Part of Final Season |
David Ramsey on Excitement Around Season 8 |
'Arrow's Joseph David-Jones to Be Series Regular in the Final Season |
How 'Legends of Tomorrow' Will Deal With Crisis on Infinite Earths |
‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Schedule Hinted At |
'Lucifer' Renewed for a 5th and Final Season |

DC on SCREEN #550 - Confirmations, Colors, and Cancellations!

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