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Sunday, October 20, 2019

'Joker' Making All The Money

Joaquin Phoenix Joker vomits money

Get: 'Joker' Making All The Money

The BATMAN is ramping up with new castings for major villains, AQUAMAN 2 is mapped out, Black Adam has a production start month… And the light of Crisis on Infinite Earth continues to dissolve the bitter taste of unresolved DCTV series. We have all that, and a lot more coming up. - New Apple Reviews - 'Who Watches The Watchmen' Podcast from Jason Goss and Matt Carroll of MCUCast and Star Trek Universe Podcast announced

JOKER Joker Crosses $600 Million, Joins Top 10 at Worldwide Box Office for 2019 | Joker Is Warner Bros.’ Highest Grossing Movie of the Year Worldwide | Why the Final Scene Is So Important | Todd Phillips Says Joaquin Phoenix's Character Might Not Be the Real Batman Villain | Joker Movie 4K Steelbook Available for Preorder| THE BATMAN The Batman Composer Revealed | Zoe Kravitz Confirmed for Catwoman | The Batman Casts Paul Dano as Riddler | The Batman to Start Filming in a Few Months | BIRDS OF PREY Gail Simone Says a Lot of Love is Coming for Barbara Gordon in the Films! | THE SUICIDE SQUAD The Suicide Squad Set Photo Reveals New Characters and Costumes | James Gunn Says The Suicide Squad Is the Biggest, Most Fun Film He's Worked On | James Gunn Reveals the One Limit He Had When Picking Characters for The Suicide Squad | James Gunn Explains Why Joker Doesn't Need to Be in The Suicide Squad | AQUAMAN 2 Jason Momoa Says Aquaman Sequel Is Mapped Out | Black Manta is Back | SHAZAM The Rock Announces Black Adam Production Start Date | Shazam! Director Reveals the Truth About Test Screenings | (6:02) Shazam! Director Has Perfect Response To If Booster Gold Is In The Movie | Shazam Director Jokes About His Film Being a Remake of the Shaq Genie Movie | JUSTICE LEAGUE Zack Snyder Reveals Martian Manhunter Was Almost in Justice League | Snyder Cut Fans Raise Money For Suicide Awareness | CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Crisis on Infinite Earths Adds Stephen Lobo as Jim Corrigan | First Look: LaMonica Garrett As Crisis on Infinite Earths Villain The Anti-Monitor | Crisis on Infinite Earth Reveals First Official Look at Tom Cavanagh as Pariah | Batman ‘89 Movie Confirmed for Crisis, Robert Wuhl Reportedly Returns as Alexander Knox | DC Universe's Titans Characters Reportedly Appearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths | Tom Ellis Reportedly Spotted as Lucifer on Crisis on Infinite Earths Set |\ Smallville Season 11 Considered Canon For Crisis On Infinite Earths | STARGIRL DC Universe's Stargirl Series Reportedly Moving to The CW | WATCHMEN Damon Lindelof Believes Alan Moore Placed a Curse on Him |
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