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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Battinson Batsuit Breakdown

Get: Battinson Batsuit Breakdown

DiDio has parted ways with DC, we have an extended look at the Battinson Batsuit, Ben Affleck's feelings on Geoff Johns and his real reason for leaving Gotham behind -- Netflix wants even MORE Lucifer? All that a so much more—plus we answer your questions!

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DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio Exits Company |
Hopes and Expectations Following DiDio Exit | Ryan Huelsman (@TheAmazingRyGuy)
Birds of Prey Box Office Update |
Badass BoP Matty and the Tunnel Collision |
The Batman: Costume Breakdown |
Is The New Batsuit a Good Match for a Detective Story? | The Joke's on Stu (@slfricky)
This May Not Be the Final Batsuit | Christopher White Voicemail
Ben Affleck Praises New Batman Star Robert Pattinson, Explains He Lost His Passion |
Why He Stepped Away From Batman |
Justice League: Ben Affleck Says The Snyder Cut "Should Be Available" |
Should WB Recast Affleck or Leave the DCEU Without a Batman? | Matthew Salvatore (@PureGeniusLego)
James Gunn Reread "Every Single" Suicide Squad Comic Before Starting Development |
The Suicide Squad's James Gunn Said He Had Two Other Backup Movie Choices |
James Gunn Says The Suicide Squad Is His Most Favorite Script |
The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Hints One Star Isn't Playing Who Fans Think |
New Gods Writer Tom King Wants the Movie to Be True to Jack Kirby |
Do you ever wish you could go back to just finding out about a movie when you see the trailer, watching the movie, and not following all the behind the scenes stuff? |  @brentacPrime
CW Delays |
Report: Netflix Wants A Sixth Season of Lucifer |
Lucifer Sets DVD and Digital Release Date For Season 4 |
More @brentacPrime questions:
Why Kon-El is the best Superboy |
What the most recent comic you read is (and how was it)? |
If you could have picked 1 person from across DC to show up in Crisis, who wasn’t there, (living or not) who would you pick? |
How cool Jon Kent is even though he’s not as cool as Kon-El |
Nathan BlackSnow (@Wobblyboots85) questions:
Your top three strange Bedfellow team-ups?
if Mongol with all of his yellow lantern rings and Atrocitus with all the power of the red lantern core teamed up, do you think they’re combined might would be enough to smash Superman, the Justice League and the  Green Lantern Corps?

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