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Saturday, June 26, 2021

The Bat-Cat Cunnilingual Conundrum | News 06/24/21


Listen to "The Bat-Cat Cunnilingual Conundrum | News 06/24/21" on Spreaker.

 We have trailers, costume reveals, dead projects rising from the ashes, crazy projects being discussed, Fall schedules announced, and carnal actions that BaTMAN DARE not engage in! All that and listener feedback!

 The Suicide Squad Final Trailer Officially Released | https://youtu.be/aRHAE1AZugY

How His Suicide Squad Connects to the Original |

Warner Bros Said James Gunn Could Kill Anyone He Wants In Suicide Squad |

The Flash Movie Director Teases New Suit and Logo |

DCEU Supergirl Costume Revealed by The Flash Director |

The Flash:  Set Photo Reveals Supergirl, Keaton, Barry's Flash Ring and Wonder Woman Ads |

Shazam! Fury of the Gods Star Teases Plenty of Comedy in the DC Sequel |

Shazam! Fury of the Gods Set Photos Offer First Look at Helen Mirren |

Shazam 2 Reveals New Costumes |

Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Grace Fulton Takes Over Super Hero Mary Role From Michelle Borth |

Dwayne Johnson Reveals How Much Filming Is Left for Black Adam |

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom |

Nightwing Director Reveals Update for Long-Awaited DC Comics Movie |

LEGO Batman Sequel Probably Won't Happen, Would Have Included Justice League |

James Gunn Has Talked to Marvel & DC About a Crossover Movie |

Suicide Squad Ayer Cut Was Much Darker, Says Editor: "Like a Black Hawk Down" |

Superman Fans Fondly Remember Ned Beatty's Role as Otis |

Titans Season 3 Teaser Trailer Released | https://youtu.be/Fd09zvjdktE

Titans Season 3 Official Release Date Revealed |

Stargirl Reveals First Look At Green Lantern's Daughter In Season 2 Trailer | https://youtu.be/akb9hhmOoW4

The Flash Carlos Valdes Confirms Return Season 7 Finale |

The CW Reveals Fall Premiere Dates for The Flash, Walker, Batwoman & More |

James Gunn Made Peacemaker Because The Suicide Squad Character Is a “Pretty Rotten Piece of Sh*t” |

Harley Quinn Producers Reveal Batman And Catwoman Sex Scene That DC Wouldn't Allow |

Harley Quinn Animated Series Getting Comic Book Sequel Titled "The Eat, Bang, Kill Tour" |

We Reveal How It's Hangin' |

Which Superhero Watches Disturbing Porn |

Why people have such issue with how Donna Troy died in Titans. |

What can we collectively do to make being a DC fan less contentious and more positive? |

Goku Wins Everything. |

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