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Monday, January 31, 2022

Casting Bat-Lash + Passing on Batfleck | News 01-31-22


the batman movie poster

Listen to "Casting Bat-Lash + Passing on Batfleck | News 01-31-22" on Spreaker.

On this episode of DC on SCREEN, Matt Reeves discusses the backlash over the Robert Pattinson casting, We tell you when tickets for The Batman go on sale and why Reeves turned down the Batfleck film plus the Batman insult in Peacemaker that DC complained about, the super secret Suicide Squad spin-off James Gunn is creating, and fans of the flash might be getting a season 9. All this and so much more

Matt Reeves Explains Why Robert Pattinson Wears Eyeliner |
The Batman Official Poster |
Reeves on the Pattinson Casting Backlash |
Quality Control Check Complete on The Batman |
The Batman Clips Mention |
When The Batman Tickets Go on Sale |
Pattinson on Batman's No-Kill Code |
IFCO Rating Revealed |
Why Reeves Passed on Batfleck |
Black Adam Has a Big Chip on His Shoulder |
Ivory Aquino Joins Batgirl as Alysia Yeoh |
Leslie Grace's Bloody Set Pics |
James Gunn Says DC Complained About Peacemaker's NSFW Batman Insult |
New Suicide Squad Spinoff Series, Peacemaker Season 2 |
Wig Wam's Agency Dropped Them 3 Days Before Peacemaker Released |
The Flash Star Grant Gustin May Be Signing on for Season 9 |

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