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Monday, September 4, 2023

A Sentimental 700th | Q&A, Feedback and Flipper Hands


700: General Zod with flippers for arms

Listen to "A Sentimental 700th | Q&A, Feedback and Flipper Hands" on Spreaker.

Dave and Jason answer your questions and get sentimental with friends writing in to congratulate, speculate and inquire about the show, the state of the DC films and television, and what DC on SCREEN means to them:
  • Giuseppe Vicaretti wants to know if water is indeed wet.
  • David Wang requests a Zack Snyder's Justice League Commentary episode!
  • Donny Hollingsworth offers his praise for the show!
  • Lou Lanza loves the show and Dave's voice DOES NOT put him to sleep!
  • Denton Trotter enjoys the show and it makes him feel like he did talking comics with friends.
  • Andre' Sparks wants to know who are two characters we'd love to see together in live action for the first time!
  • Chris Balga asks about our favorite show moments, what one thing we would change about DCU, what DC film would be go back and watch for the first time, what the most ridiculous thing is that's happened in 700 episodes, and who are favorite comic book creative team is!
  • David Fatta enjoys the podcast and loves silver age comics.
  • Brentacprime is kindly in awe of our accomplishments.
  • Andre' Sparks asks if we've seen Justice League x RWBY part 1
  • Amy Henry would like to know what kind of animal we'd be if we could. And also if we think there are aliens.
  • Effie Ophelders chokes Dave up with kind words, then wonders what we think the unannounced DCU Chapter 1 projects are.
  • An Ad for Dove's Gaming Twitch Stream
  • Derek J fills our fuel tank for more podcastings while showing us his geek roots.
  • Kieran Ridgeway asks which DC villain we'd want to play and who we're looking forward to seeing the most in Creature Commandos!
  • Baxter needs comic recommendations and wants to be our video game correspondent!
  • Eli Hernandez wonders why Batman doesn't dance anymore.
  • JD McRae asks what we're more excited for in the new DCU.
  • Pud333 wants to know who our most awesome listener is!
  • Widder Woman loves her DC on SCREEN and corn squeezin's!
  • Tuddle D. Tuttle has been lurking.

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"Magic Escape Room" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

"Full On" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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