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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Appearance of Being True


The Appearance of Being True

Listen to "The Appearance of Being True" on Spreaker.

We have updates on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom numbers, a release window for Creature Commandos, Gunn debunking recent rumors for characters appearing in The Batman Part II – plus David Ayer says he’s done with DC, Christopher Nolan thinks all modern superhero films are inspired by Zack Snyder and SO much more...
  • Andre Braugher (61) Has Died
  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Box Office Update
  • Creature Commandos Release Window: Late 2024
  • Barry Keoghan Hints at Joker Return
  • Gunn's Involvement on The Batman Part II
  • The Batman Villain Rumors Debunked
  • Waller Rumors Also Debunked
  • Verisimilitude Hangs in the Superman: Legacy Office
  • Amanda Waller Will Not Appear in Superman: Legacy
  • New Legacy Script Updates
  • John Williams Isn't Retiring After All
  • James Gunn Blasts Superhero "Cameo Porn"
  • is Grace Randolph Playing Kat Grant?
  • No Superman Art Gunn Posts is a Hint
  • Joker 2: James Gunn Has Given Notes on DC Sequel
  • New Detail About the DC Elseworlds Branding
  • How Far Along Peacemaker Season 2 Is Now
  • Why Not Discontinue Peacemaker
  • Yes, There Will Be a New Opening Credit Sequence for Peacemaker
  • Suicide Squad Director Says Joker Isn't a Joke in the Ayer Cut
  • David Ayer Says He's "Done" With DC
  • The Inner Workings of Gunn and Safran
  • Do Gunn and Jim Lee Talk?
  • Who Controls DC Characters?
  • Does Gunn Like The Question?
  • Will Animated Films Crisis on Infinite Earths Play Into the New DCU?
  • Christopher Nolan Says Zack Snyder Has Influenced All Modern Superhero and Sci-Fi Movies
  • Warner Bros. Discovery Strikes Deal With Tubi to Stream DC Movies and TV Shows
  • James Gunn Confirms a Unique DC Elseworlds Logo Will Be Made
  • James Gunn Teases "Arkhamverse" Continuation Following Suicide Squad Game
  • Great News About The Batman Director Matt Reeves' DCU Future
  • George Clooney: "Not Enough Drugs in the World" to Play Batman Again After The Flash Cameo
  • Jason Momoa "Will Always Have a Home at DC"
  • Tom King Is "Integral Part" of DCU
  • Streaky the Super Cat Won't Appear Right Away
  • Wonder Woman 1984 Director Celebrates the Film as a "Christmas Movie"
  • Margot Robbie Weighs in on Harley Quinn's Future With Joker 2 and James Gunn's DCU
  • James Gunn Comments on Margot Robbie's Future as Harley Quinn... or Another DC Character
  • Gunn on State of Films Today
  • Batman: Caped Crusader Writer Ed Brubaker Reveals How The Show Differs From BTAS

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