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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Squad Tats & The Rocket Boomerang | DCEU News

Download Squad Tats & The Rocket Boomerang | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #264 - Squad Tats & The Rocket Boomerang | DCEU News
Gal Gadot Releases BTS BVS Pic of Wonder Woman Fighting Doomsday |
Michael Shannon Fell Asleep Watching Batman v Superman |
How Much Michael Shannon Participated in Batman v Superman |
Batman v Superman & Suicide Squad Nominated for People’s Choice Awards |
Falcone in Gotham Skyline |
VUDU iOS Suicide Squad Special Features |
Joker Tats |
Harley Tats |
Mark Hamill on Leto’s Joker |
Boomerang Weapon Confirmed |
Gal Gadot Talks Wearing the Wonder Woman Costume for the First Time |
Green Lantern Coming to Justice League |
Willem Dafoe Talks Vulko |
Ray Fischer on Cyborg |
Ezra Miller Calls Gal Gadot a Force of Nature |
James Wan Shares What May Become Amnesty Bay |
Ezra Miller Can’t Sign a Marvel Comic |
Ezra Miller Talks Putting on The Flash Suit |
We Might Never See a Fully Powered Barry in DCEU |
What The Speed Force Means to Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen |
Kevin Smith Wants Tim Miller for The Flash |
Sienna Miller Wants to Play Catwoman, But Don’t Count on It! |
Catwoman and Poison Ivy in Birds of Prey?

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