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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Supergirl 2x05 – Crossfire | Recap & Review

Download Supergirl 2x05 – Crossfire | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #251 - Supergirl 2x05 – Crossfire | Recap & Review
Kara gets Mon-El an internship at CatCo and workplace antics ensue.  Also, Alex damn near works up the nerve to tell Maggie how she feels.  But there are bigger fish to fry as CADMUS has been arming criminals with super-advanced weaponry.  During one of their heists Supergirl learns that she may not be a match for these weapons and James’ father’s camera is killed right in front of him, causing him to embark on a path to superhero-dom.  Wynn eventually succumbs to James’ requests for help, promising to build a bitchin new suit.  Lena Luthor invites the whole gang to her party, which gets crashed by the CADMUS thugs.  Supergirl and Mon-El deal with the thugs while Wynn and Lena disarm a bomb.  Everyone goes home happy, except, wait, Lena’s mother is in charge of CADMUS!

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