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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Supergirl 2x06 – Changing | Recap & Review

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #259 - Supergirl 2x06 – Changing | Recap & Review - Kara gets a little slizzered, but she talks Mon-el into doing some superhero training with her.  Mon-el has found a job, but it’s in collections.  The breaking kneecaps kind.  So Kara isn’t super-in-love with this career.  James is eager to hit the streets and kick some meta-butt, but Winn refuses to be rushed and demands James stay on the bench until his new suit is absolutely ready.  However, when Supergirl and Martian both get the life sucked out of them it creates Parasite, forcing Winn and James to hurry their timetable for the debut of The Guardian.  Guardian arrives on scene where he finds Mon-el trying, and kinda failing, to hero it up.  Finally, Supergirl shows up with some radioactive elements to overcharge Parasite and the day is saved.  Meanwhile, Alex comes out to Kara, who is a little dazed but is ultimately supportive.  Alex also takes a swing with Maggie and gets SUPER shot down.

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