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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

'Constantine' 1x14 - 'Final Girl' Script Review

Download 'Constantine' 1x14 - 'Final Girl' Script Review


 'Constantine' 1x14 - 'Final Girl' Script Review

 Daniel Cerone has graced us with a free-to-download pdf of an unproduced script for the sadly cancelled series 'Constantine'. As a special episode for this week, we decided to read the script (let's not kid ourselves, we were going to anyway!), and give you a recap and review of the episode! When a group of friends kill the most annoying bastard in town, he comes back as a Meat Cutter, a zombie killer that is a lot like Jason Vorhees, but with goat skin strapped to his face instead of a hockey mask. Of course, this isn't the first time Judith has seen something like this. Who's Judith? Just one of the old gang from Newcastle. She's found meaning in tracking these Meat Cutters down all over the country. Of course, Constantine rightfully believes that there's something more sinister going on. So come with us on our weirdest episode yet! We're reviewing a freaking script, guys!


  1. Did you guys really not get that it was Riverdale? Artie was Archie. Becca was Betty. Vania was Veronia, and Jackers was Jughead. And obviously, Reggie was Reggie.

    1. ...Really didn't. I feel really stupid now. And I'll make Jason feel really stupid when we talk about this on tomorrow's show! :-)

    2. I'm just curious if they would have left the names as they were if they'd filmed it, or if they'd have been changed before then.

    3. I imagine they would have left it as that looked to be a pretty polished script. Thank you for writing in and letting us know we missed it! Jason was very surprised that we missed it when we discussed it in today's episode!


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