First Solo 'Batman' Film to Be 'Under The Red Hood'

Download First Solo 'Batman' Film to Be 'Under The Red Hood'


In this NEWS episode, Dave and Jason discuss:
'Batman: Arkham Knight' Is Still Broken. PC Users Getting Refunds AGAIN |
The '66 Batman skins and Scarecrow DLC Packs Won't Be Coming To XBOX One |
Grant Morrison Talks 'Arkham Asylum' |
David S. Goyer Defends Superman Killing in 'Man of Steel' |
David Ayer is an Asshole and Ignorantly Generalizes All Comic Book Movies That Aren't 'Suicide Squad' | Listener Feedback From Randall About Why Warner Brothers Seems to Cultivate An Environment of Hostility |
David Ayer Talks Harley Quinn's Journey to a Fully Actualized Independent Woman in a Love Triangle |
Nicole Kidman in Talks to Play Character in 'Wonder Woman' |
Matthew McConaughey May Be in Talks For DC Role |
Rumor: 'Under The Red Hood' May Be the First Solo 'Batman' Film! |
'Supergirl' Nets 12.94 Million Viewers! |
Nathan Darrow and Kristen Hager Cast as Victor and Nora Fries on 'Gotham' |
News on When We Can Expect Harvey Dent Back on 'Gotham' |
The Difficulties of Bringing John Constantine to 'Arrow' |
 'Haunted' Screener Episode of 'Arrow' Leaked Online |
Why 'The Flash' Producers Introduced Mrs. West as a Means to Wally |
Iris to Keep Wally Secret For a Long Time |
Fun With Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin!

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