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Monday, June 12, 2017

Gotham 3x21/22 Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling/Heavydirtysoul | Recap & Review

Jim Gordon expresses himself while suffering the effects of the Tetch Virus

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #404 - Gotham 3x21/22 Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling/Heavydirtysoul
Bruce is off to find Ra's al Ghul! Ra's has brainwashed Bruce kill Alfred, which snaps him out of it! Ra's tells Bruce to use the Lazarus Pit to save Alfred! Then, to the hospital! Jim, infected with the Tetch virus, searches for Lee and a cure, bringing him to Hugo Strange!  Fish Mooney has her own plans for Strange - which is all moot. Jim goes into Rage mode, kills a ton of Ra's assassins and Fish Mooney! Of course, she was holding the cure. The only way for a cure now is to get Tetch. Also, a Tetch for Penguin trade! Barbara intervened, and Oswald wound up with Ed trussed up in the back of a cop car, speeding towards his inevitable doom. Nygma got free and took him down to the docks, but Penguin predicted this scenario, and made sure the gun was empty. Then Mr. Freeze turned Ed into Penguin's centerpiece for his new Iceberg lounge. Jim has a cure for the virus! He tries to give it to Lee, but she destroys it. They decide to leave town. Bullock and Jim fight at the train station. Bullock slips him a couple of new vials. Jim injects Lee and himself, but Lee still leaves town because that's what she does at the end of a Gotham season.Barbara figures out that Tabitha and Butch are planning a coup, shoots Butch in the head, then she goes after Tabitha.Tabitha hears that Butch is dead, and fries Tabitha. After a confrontation with Bruce in the hospital, Selina goes to the Sirens club, and finds Tabitha with her whip.Selina is predictably good with the whip.Butch is somehow alive. Or at least in a hospital bed. The doctor says Butch Gilzean was a fake name, and his real name is Cyrus Gold.Finally, a family find their way down a dark alley where a gunman emerges only to be dispatched by a ski-masked figure who makes his way back to the roof of a nearby building and removes his mask to reveal... a still very young a skinny Bruce Wayne.

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