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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Optimism Despite 'Justice League' Concerns | DCEU News

The Justice League

Download Optimism Despite 'Justice League' Concerns | DCEU News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #407 - In this episode Dave & Jason discuss:
Geoff Johns on the DCEU Going Forward |
Kevin Feige Roots for DC Comics To Succeed |
Man of Steel 2 Supergirl Rumors Debunked |
Zack Snyder Confirms Fan Theory About Batman v Superman |
‘Wonder Woman’ Has Best 3rd Weekend for a DCEU Movie |
Tone Criticisms Didn’t Effect Wonder Woman |
Jared Leto Has Seen Wonder Woman |
The Problematic Nature of That Wonder Woman Crossover Photo |
Lynda Carter Presented the ‘Wonder Woman’ Script to the US Library of Congress |
Danny Elfman Is Composing ‘Justice League’ |
Geoff Johns Got Jokes |
Kiersey Clemons Confirms She’s in Justice League |
‘Justice League’ Costumes on Display |
Armie Hammer Flying Out to London |
Matt Reeves Talks His Personal Approach to Batman |
How the Lego Batman Should Have Ended |
Batman Returns Discussion |
*Original script had tons of Batman speeches Keaton had cut
Armie Hammer Has Fond Memories of Weta’s Batsuit |
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Omer Elmaliah
Justin Miramon & The Dark Knight Rises
Rick Storey‏ @OldManRick68
Eli Hernandez @EliHernandez

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