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Monday, December 12, 2022

Gunn Claps Back


James Gunn points his finger while holding a microphone. The background is old DCEU artwork of the Justice League

Listen to "Gunn Claps Back" on Spreaker.

James Gunn responds to THR, scoopers and fans, updates on the Wonder Woman 3 debacle, Keaton's Batman Beyond film getting the axe and so much more...
James Gunn Claps Back:

* The Hollywood Reporter Article

* Says Green Lantern Content is Important

* Claims He Likes Ben Affleck's Batman

* Debunks Rumors of Disliking Henry Cavill

* Will Not Promise to Use Condiment King

* More Gunn Support from David Ayer

Why Patty Jenkins Left Wonder Woman 3 |

Cavill's The Flash Cameo in Limbo (And Why That Makes Sense) |

Will There Be a Reboot Recast? (No) |

The Batman Beyond Rumor |

Hamada's Crisis on Infinite Earths Brought Up AGAIN |

Bad Optics WBD Claims |

Guillermo Del Toro Doesn't Want a Manicure |

Joker 2 is Filming |

Black Adam HBOmax Release Date |

Neil Gaiman Reassures Us Sandman Season 2 is Safe |

Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham Gets Voice Cast |

Plus Listener Feedback!

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