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Thursday, December 22, 2022

People Be Smashin'


James Gunn With the ELSEWORLDS Logo Behind Him

Listen to "People Be Smashin'" on Spreaker.

James Gunn squashin' rumors, Ray Fisher acting paranoid, and lots of other stuff. Read below for a full list...

James Gunn Updates:
  • Focusing on Most Well-Known and Lesser-Known Characters
  • Cold Indifference to Cavill?
  • Gunn's Superman is a Different Age
  • Batman's Future Role in DCU

Other DCU Updates:
  • Black Superman Still Happening
  • The Flash Movie Cuts Superman and Wonder Woman

Whoops! More Gunn Updates:
  • James Makes a Statement on DC's Fractious Nature
  • Dan Harmon Pitches 8 Different Luthor Movies
  • Ray Fisher Pitches a Fit
  • Blue Beetle Still Coming in 2023
  • They're Not Recasting Everyone But The Suicide Squad
  • They Haven't "Booted" Gal- Judianna Makovsky Will Join Gunn for DC Projects
  • Superman Film Won't Be an Origin Story
  • They Are Making Many of Gunn's Dream Projects
  • DCU Inspired By Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice
  • Deathstroke Could Be Coming
  • A Few Projects Will Be Announced in January
  • Why Gunn/Safran Won't Face Studio Interference
  • The Rock/Black Adam Will Not Be In Gunn's First Chapter (But Might Be Later)
  • Elseworlds DC Projects Are Actively Happening
More News:
  • Black Adam Is Now Streaming on HBO Max
  • Michael Rosenbaum Says He wants to Play Lex in DCU
  • Arrow Star Stephen Amell Reveals Interest In Playing a Batman Villain in the DCU
  • Superman & Lois Casting a New Lex Luthor, Jon Cryer Confirms It's Not Him
  • First trailer for final season of The Flash
  • Supergirl's Dreamer to Appear in The Flash's Final Season
  • Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes and Huntsmen, Part One Voice Cast
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