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Monday, June 24, 2024

Superman: The Trunks Have It! | News/Trailer Reviews


Superman and The Penguin

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 Well! Looks like we got a definitive answer on the trunks situation! We also know if Supes has that yellow symbol on his cape! But that ain't all we're talking... we've got release dates, trailers, news of animated renewals, cast announcements... let's get caught up, shall we?
  • Release Window For Creature Commandos
  • The Bride Will Be Different
  • Will Creature Commandos Address The Change in Universe?
  • The Penguin Gets Release Window on HBO
  • New Penguin Trailer | https://youtu.be/D2uSwItbBAg
  • Clayface on the Way?
  • Superman Slate Revealed
  • Superman: James Gunn Confirms Beck Bennett's DC Role
  • James Gunn's Superman Casts Cat Grant and Ron Troupe
  • Superman Costume Leak
  • Peacemaker: John Cena Plays Coy About Cameoing in Other DCU Projects
  • Peacemaker Season 2 Casts a Surprising Batman Character
  • Peacemaker: James Gunn Confirms Tim Meadows Has Joined Season 2 Cast
  • James Gunn Confirms Superbad Director's Involvement With Season 2
  • Vigilante Returning for Season 2
  • Major Writers Joining Green Lantern Series
  • The Batman Part II: James Gunn Confirms Status of DC Sequel
  • James Gunn Teases Deathstroke DCU Future Plans
  • Will Batman Be Older Than Superman?
  • Antony Starr on Superhero Fatigue
  • James Gunn on Antony Starr's Opinion on Superhero Fatigue
  • Superman & Lois Star Teases Shocking Final Season Premier
  • Superman & Lois Final Season Premiere Date Revealed
  • Suicide Squad Isekai's New Trailers/Release Date: | https://youtu.be/C1sBtxTbNYY | https://youtu.be/WgSwwFXPgSs | https://youtu.be/WBIEWg8sBTo
  • Suicide Squad Isekai Anime Release Schedule
  • Suicide Squad Isekai Opening Released in Advance | https://youtu.be/XmtzBDNArzA
  • Max Reveals Kite Man Spinoff Release Date
  • Watchmen Animated Movie Trailer Released by Warner Bros. | https://youtu.be/9ApDJyRkfv8
  • Watchmen: Chapter I Movie Secures R Rating
  • Batman: Caped Crusader Casts New Batman Actor(s) | https://twitter.com/i/status/1803820639419064644
  • Teases For Character Twists
  • My Adventures with Superman Season 3 Announced
  • Blue Beetle Animated Series in Development at DC
  • Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza League First Look Announced
  • MultiVersus Seems to Take Shots at The Rock's Black Adam | https://youtu.be/HHw0uRUg5R8
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