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Sunday, July 7, 2024

Weird Penguin and the Soda 'Stache Stank | Warm Up for #725 (Patreon Exclusive)


a penguin with a circle and handwritten "2,1" for a head stands in Antarctica next to a caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper

 On this patreon-exclusive warm up for episode #725:

  • Jason's weird Penguin face drawing
  • A new Caffeine-Free Diet Dr. Pepper adventure!
  • The mystery of the Wetumpka soda/'stache stank
  • Pesticide poisoning of children!?
  • Visitation spreads
  • Hoarding shit (or pass the fiber and coffee)
  • Don't put it down, put it away!
  • A busy office needn't be a cluttered office!
  • A cluttered office needn't be a disorganized office!
  • This too brings me peace.
  • Dave wants Jason to fix his office!
  • Action figure films and the white light box proposal
  • Jason's Ollie's Haul
  • Promises of Theory II's Superman deck review

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