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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

427: Justice League, Jenkins Returns, Nightwing & More News

Barry Allen in the Flash Cave

Download 427: Justice League, Jenkins Returns, Nightwing & More News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #427: In this news episode Dave and Jason discuss:
Len Wein Has Passed Away |
Nicholas Cage Acts Weird (Shocker!) |
Darren Aronofsky Did It First |
Is The Flash Wearing Superman’s Jacket? |
TWO Green Lanterns? |
No Flash Ring? |
Armie Hammer Still Says Nothing’s Happening |
Zack Won’T Be Doing Press |
Batman to Find Hope in Justice League |
Snow Steam Iron |
Aquaman About to Wrap |
Nicole Kidman Talks Atlanna |
David Sandberg is Going to Morph Into Ass Butter |
Chris McKay Talks a LOT About Nightwing |
Harley Suiting Up Next Year |
Patty Jenkins Returning As Director For Wonder Woman 2 |
Dave Callaham Announced As Co-Writer of Wonder Woman 2 |
Ben Affleck’s Batman Inspired by The Game |
Matthew Vaughn Interested in Superman? |
The Batman Production Rumor |
Who Is Making Bruce’s Suit? |
Is Fish Mooney Coming Back |
Jerome and Penguin Team Up |
Harley on Gotham? |
Reign Twist Revealed |
Supergirl to Get New Suit |
New Season 4 Promo |
Barry and Iris in Couples Therapy |
How Long Has Barry Been in the Speed Force? |
Julian Alpert’s Absence Will Be Explained |       
Who Lives And How Long Will It Take to Find Out |
Amell Can’t Do the Intro |
New Arrow Suit |
Oliver’s Fatherhood and Public Life |
Oliver Smiling More This Season |
Black Siren’s Adjustment |
Roy’s Coming Back |
Rip Hunter and the Time Bureau |
Guggenheim Released Crossover Pics |
SYFY Casts Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange |
No More Arkham Games |

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