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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

429: 'Justice League' Cuts! 'Wonder Woman 2' Hints! 'Crisis on Earth X'! | News

Lex Luthor Patty Jenkins Kiersey Clemmons and Crisis on Earth X with the Arrowverse

Download 429: 'Justice League' Cuts! 'Wonder Woman 2' Hints! 'Crisis on Earth X'! | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #429 - In this news episode Dave and Jason discuss:

Predictions Surge to $150 Million Opening Weekend |
Zack Snyder Says It’d Be Unfair to Still Be Involved |
Early Justice League Reactions |
Kiersey Clemmons Cut From Justice League |
Shazam Set to Film in February |
Geoff Johns Takes Over PonySmasher |
Patty Jenkins on Wonder Woman 2 |
Margot Robbie Doesn’t Understand Harley & Joker |
Hamill Defends Leto |
Rumor Claims Joker Origin Will Shoot 2018 |
Finn Witrrock as Nightwing?|
Production Designer Rumor |
Wonder Woman Expected to Appear |
Wonder Woman Gets an Honest Trailer |
Gal Gadot to Host Saturday Night Live |
Calendar Man In the Mix |
How Close Will Bruce Get to Batman This Season |
Gotham Promo Shows New Suit for Bruce |
Crossover Title Revealed |
New Crossover Art from Phil Jiminez |
Crossover Will Interrupt Barry/Iris Wedding |
Amell’s Makes Crossover Promises |
Live Action The Ray Cast |
Reign’s Connection to Cast of Supergirl |
301-Girl of Steel Synopsis |
Saturn Girl Has Been Cast! |
EP on Thinker’s Agenda |
401-The Flash Reborn Synopsis |
Arrow 601 Photos |
Famous Goatee Will Appear says Amell |
601-Fallout Synopsis |
Rip’s Relationship with Legends in S3 |
301-Aruba Synopsis |
Watchmen Still Happening on HBO |

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