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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Whedon's 'Justice League' Writing Credit | News

Wonder Woman, Batman, and the Flash

Download Whedon's 'Justice League' Writing Credit | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #424 - On this news episode Dave and Jason discuss:
Wonder Woman Still Kicking Ass |
Etta’s Mission Epilogue |
The Old Black and Silver |
New Photo of Justice League |
Joss is Getting a Writing Credit |
Willem Dafoe Talks James Wan on Aquaman |
Aquaman To Be Star Wars Under Water |
Shazam Pre-Production Has Started! |
Flashpoint to Change Shazam? |
Robert Zemeckis Involved in ‘Flashpoint’? |
New Rumored to Be Coming InTo Justice League Dark |
New Details Emerge About Joker: Origins |
Leonardo Dicaprio Going to be The Joker? |
Suicide Squad 2 Apparently Delayed |
Professor Marston and the Wonder Women |
Jay Baruchel Talks Justice League Mortal |
Gotham Casts Professor Pyg |
Premiere Date Announced |
Want to See 90’s Flash on CW? |
CW Joins Hulu Live TV Service |
All 4 CW Shows Get Super Trailer |
Lena & Kara Adventures |
Tom Welling Not Looking to Suit Up Again |
Premiere Date Announced |
Harrison Wells’ Story in Season 4 |
Season 3 Feels New On Set |
Courtney Ford cast as Eleanor Darhk |
Vixen Tanks Network Movie Premiere |
Michael Emerson Character Hints |
Teen Titans Casting |
Teen Titans Gets Its Nightwing, Brenton Thwaites |
Why Conroy Returned for Batman & Harley Quinn |
Black Manta Game Play Trailer |
Raiden Art Not Working |

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