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Sunday, October 25, 2015

'Gotham' 2x05 - 'Scarification' Review

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Gotham 2x05 Scarification Review
Dark secrets are uncovered when arsonists hired by Penguin (at the behest of Theo Galavan), begin to torch places around town. But with one arsonist dead thanks to keeping C4 next to his dick in the Criminal Costco, the gang forces their little sister Bridgit to become Firefly.  But what secrets are revealed by an old Wayne family knife?  Before Galavan, what name did Theo's family have in Gotham, and what prompted their departure?  And how many young police officers will Captain Barnes allow to red shirt away under his watch?  We talk about all this and more in our review of Gotham 2x05, "Scarification"...

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