New York Comic Con Sizzle Reels & 'Arrow' Death Speculation

Download New York Comic Con Sizzle Reels & 'Arrow' Death Speculation

 In This news episode, we discuss:
'The Killing Joke' May Be Rated R
Cartoon Network Confirms New 'Justice League' Animated Series for 2016
The Lex Corp Viral Marketing Campaign
Ezra Miller's Tech Based Flash Suit
Sizzle Reel Reveals for 'Arrow', 'The Flash', and 'Gotham'
Arrow -
The Flash -
Gotham -
 'Arrow' Speculation: Who Dies in Season 4?
Teddy Sears Talks Possible Relationship With Caitlin Snow
 Neal McDonough To Appear in 'The Flash' and 'Legends of Tomorrow'
 Mark Hamill to Return as Trickster in 'The Flash' Season 2
 Paul Reubens is Officially Playing Penguin's Father on 'Gotham'
Cory Michael Smith Promises Lots More Edward Nygma
New Promo Introduces Silver St. Cloud
 Sean Pertwee Says He'd Be Honored To Play His Father's Doctor from 'Doctor Who'
 Chris Vance Cast as Non in 'Supergirl'
Toyman Confirmed as Villain in 'Supergirl'
Jimmy Olsen's Abdominal Sense is Tingling!

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