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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Is Ben Affleck Not Playing Bruce Wayne in 'Batman v Superman'?

Download Is Ben Affleck Not Playing Bruce Wayne in 'Batman v Superman'?

  •  In this episode, Dave and Jason discuss: 
  • Rosario Dawson will Play Batgirl/Babara Gordon in ‘The Batman Lego Movie’ 
  • Arkham Knight DLC Through the End of The Year  
  • Batman: Bad Blood Trailer Released -https://youtu.be/oYIUE-Jebaw 
  • Batman v Superman Circa 1949: https://youtu.be/_Uw3jqTj7x0 
  • Bob Kane Getting a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 21st. No Mention of Bill Finger. 
  • Warner Bros. announces LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League – Cosmic Clash 
  • Jared Leto went to NYCC dressed as a giant ape, and posed with Joker cosplayers secretly. 
  • Justice League Dark or Dark Universe is set to start filming in 2016! 
  • Teen Titans and Birds of Prey to Become Films? 
  • CONFIRMED: No Doomsday in 'Batman v Superman' 
  • Wendy Miricle on Malcolm Merlyn's character in 'Arrow' Season 4 
  • Toyman is Winn’s Father on 'Supergirl'! 
  • Lots of interaction twixt Nygma and Penguin Coming on 'Gotham'! 
  • Barbara Plans to Get Jim Back! 
  • Theo Galavan’s history with the city and the Waynes will come to light. Jerome May Return on 'Gotham'! 
  • Listener Feedback!

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