Sunday, October 11, 2015

'The Flash' 2x01 - 'The Man Who Saved Central City' Review

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 'The Flash' 2x01 - 'The Man Who Saved Central City' Review

 It's been six months since the Flash saved Central City from a massive singularity, and as the city prepares to embrace their hero with Flash Day, Barry finds himself shutting himself off from his friends and family. Harrison Wells has left STAR Labs to him under the stipulation that he watch a video -- Wells' last will and testament -- but Barry is afraid of its contents. Meanwhile, Caitlin has begun working under Dr. Tina McGee at Mercury Labs, Cisco is working for Joe under the new metahuman task force, and Iris has become convinced that they must force Barry into accepting the team's help. With a new metahuman from Earth-2 coming to kill The Flash at the behest of the mysterious Zoom, Barry will need all the help he can get!


  1. Hey guys great podcast!! My name is Edward. I'm not a do fan by any means more of a marvel person but I like how you guys know so much about DC that it makes me a fan now. My question is this... Does the Flash have any iconic villains to face, like batman and superman does?


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