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Monday, April 25, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow 1x12 - Last Refuge | Review

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #162 - Legends of Tomorrow 1x12 - Last Refuge | Review - Go with Ray if you want to live... and see Baby Snart. The Pilgrim is travelling back to previous points in time, attempting to kill Rip Hunter’s crew. She can only attempt to murder each person once without upsetting the timeline. Rip and crew rescue adolescent Mick Rory and Sara Lance, 2014 Ray Palmer, and the baby Snart, Stein, and Jackson. They take them to a secret location called The Refuge, a place where orphans throughout time can be taken care of and trained for the eventual duty of being a Time Master. If their past selves are out of the timeline for too long, time will cement, and they will no longer be remembered. The Pilgrim captures the team’s loved ones and holds them hostage. Rip offers the Pilgrim himself as a child, and as the team double crosses The Pilgrim in order to distract her, young Rip Hunter stabs her long enough to keep her from freezing time and stopping the Legends of Tomorrow from turning her to a pile of ash. Meanwhile, Kendra and Ray get engaged over much emotional tumult, Jax tries to save his father from an IDE destiny, and time starts to cement leaving Rip and crew with the notion that they should take the fight to 2167 to where Vandal Savage is his most powerful…

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