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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Suicide Squad Trailer #3 Discussed! | News

Download Suicide Squad Trailer #3 Discussed! | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #152 - Suicide Squad Trailer #3 Discussed! | News - In this news episode, we discuss:
Jeff Goldstein on Batman v Superman Box Office Drop |
Jesse Eisenberg on Lex Luthor's Character Decisions |
Jay Olivia's Knightmare Sequence Theory |
Zack Snyder on the Scene Too Dark For Batman v Superman |
Gal Gadot Says Wonder Woman is 'Pretty Dark' |
 Batman v Superman R-Rated Edition Might Come to Theaters |
Batman v Superman Video Shows Before and After Visual Effects |
Suicide Squad Trailer # 3 Discussion |
Suicide Squad Reshoots Rumors Continue! |
 Report: Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE To Be 'Extremely Kinetic & Visual Crowdpleaser |
Snyder Changing DP for Justice League | Lexcorp Planning Something Big For 2017 |
Updated DCEU Schedule Includes Two New Movies! |
New LEGO DC Comics Superheroes Justice League: Gotham City Breakout Trailer |
Kevin Smith Reveals Emotion Spoilers for Supergirl Finale |
Katie Cassidy Crossing Over to The Flash and Vixen |
Lucifer Renewed for Season 2 |

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