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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Flash 2x18 - Versus Zoom | Review

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #161 - The Flash 2x18 - Versus Zoom | Review - Barry learns the hard way that you cannot lock up the darkness... The traumatizing past of Earth-2’s Hunter Zolomon is revealed! Hunter, a young age is forced to watch his father, who is clearly suffering from some kind of PTSD, murder his mother. From there, he is put into custody of the state, and eventually becomes a serial killer. When the partical accelerator of that Earth explodes, it coincides with shock therapy given to Zolomon, and Zolomon becomes Zoom. In Earth 1, Barry uses the tachyon device Wells made to become faster. He convinces Cisco to use his Vibe powers to open another breach to find Zoom, which Cisco does. Of course, Zoom comes, and Barry traps him… except you can’t cage the darkness. Zoom escapes, kidknaps the freshly moved-in Wally from the West home, and a deal then must be made. Barry’s speed for Wally. The deal goes down, but Zoom almost kills Barry, and takes Caitlin. Oh, also, Iris loves Barry. That’s happening now.

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