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Monday, April 25, 2016

Supergirl 1x20 - Better Angels [SEASON FINALE] | Review

Download Supergirl 1x20 - Better Angels [SEASON FINALE] | Review

SPOILER/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #158 - Supergirl 1x20 - Better Angels [SEASON FINALE] | Review - Hope works in the season finale. Maybe it will work in getting a second season! This episode picks up where the last left off, with Kara in coerced combat with her Non-controlled sister Alex. But J’onn brings Alex’s mother to talk her out of being brainwashed—and it works. This fuels the belief that Supergirl broadcasting a message of hope will stop Myriad—and it works. Everyone is freed of the Myriad mojo, but Non and Indigo decide to amp it up to pop everyone’s brains open. J’onn effortlessly breaks free of the bonds General Lane placed him in to help Kara, Lucy as head of the DEO is on board with that, and Kara goes to everyone saying goodbye as she, thanks to a deep talk with Max Lord, believes that the only way to stop Non and Indigo may be to sacrifice herself. Kara and J’onn fight Non and Indigo. J’onn rips Indigo in half, and Supergirl eye-blasts her uncle to death? Or blindness? I don’t know. Kara then flies Fort Rozz into outer space where she begins to suffocate in the cold of space? And Alex rescues her by using Kara’s own space pod. Afterward, J’onn is reinstated as head of the DEO, Cat gives Kara a promotion, James gives kara a kiss and a picture, and everything is so happy and wonderful and then some shit falls from the sky—another Kryptonian pod containing TO BE CONTINUED.

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