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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Willem Dafoe Joins Justice League! Jared Leto's Method Madness! | News

Download Willem Dafoe Joins Justice League! Jared Leto's Method Madness! | News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #163 - Willem Dafoe Joins Justice League! Jared Leto's Method Madness! | News - Suicide Squad, Dafoe conjecture, a Krypton pilot order, and so much more! This episode we discuss:
Honest Trailers Does Superman Returns |
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Officially Beats Iron Man |
Mattel Multiverse Batman v Superman line Reveals Mystery Figure |
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual Showcases Up-Close Looks at Weapons |
New Suicide Squad Photo of Deadshot and Harley Quinn |
 MAFEX 6" Knightmare Batman and Suicide Squad Joker |
Karen Fukuhara Talks Katana Suicide Squad |
Leto and Robbie Talk Joker and Harley |
David Ayer has new Comments on Suicide Squad |
Suicide Squad with Friends Opening Credits |
Harley’s Jestor Suit Hidden in Trailer |
Wonder Woman brings on Model? |
Wonder Woman Set Video |
The Flash Sets Sights on Supporting Cast |
JK Simmons Says His Role in Justice League Will Be Very Small |
Green Lantern Corps To Featured 3 Earth Lanterns |
SHAZAM Still Waiting on a SCRIPT Despite The Rock Threatening Superman |
Krypton Gets Pilot Order From SyFy |
Kreisberg Promises Supergirl More Confident if Season Two Happens |
Supergirl EP Says Whoever in Pod Will "Shake Things Up" |
Greg Berlanti Teases The Real Jay Garrick |
Calculator Returning to Arrow |
David Ramsey Discusses The Future of Diggle |


  1. For gawd sake...I love your content but for the love of gawd STOP LAUGHING AT YOUR OWN JOKES and stop sighing as a delaying tactic. you have a good show stop ruining it

    1. Hi, Doctor Steve. We're both glad you love our content. This show is two friends having a conversation. That means laughing at our own jokes and laughing at each other. We didn't know we sigh as a "delaying tactic". Exhaling has never been intended as such for either of us. I'm afraid the level of self-monitoring you're suggesting would drain all the fun out of the show, though, so we're going to pass on your suggestions. I'm sorry if you believe that ruins the show. I hope you learn to get past it. If not, I suggest trying The Suicide Squadcast (linked on our side bar). Great couple of guys! Perhaps they'll be closer to your tastes:-) Thanks for taking the time to comment! Have a great day!


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