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Monday, May 16, 2016

Arrow 4x21 – Monument Point | Review

Download Arrow 4x21 – Monument Point | Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN # 176 - Arrow 4x21 – Monument Point | Review - HIVE is hacking the world’s nuclear missiles, and it’s up to Felicity and her dad The Calculator to keep them at bay! Unfortunately, they need a quantum processor or some such non-sense ... which Felicity has at Palmer Tech ... except she gets fired and escorted out of the building for being a shitty CEO. So she and her dad have to break in with Oliver, use a ridiculously well-placed electromagnet thing to get the processor, and clone the device before security shows up. And when they get back to the bunker, they succeed in stopping every missile… but one. Rather than let the nuke take out a couple of million people, Felicity hacks and directs it to a smaller location, choosing to kill tens of thousands of people instead. Ouch. Meanwhile Thea deals with Malcolm and Anarky (who seemingly kills Alex), and in the flashbacks, Oliver takes on Reiter some more.

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