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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gotham 2x21 – A Legion of Horribles | Review

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #179 - Gotham 2x21 – A Legion of Horribles | Review - Hugo Strange brings Fish Mooney back using the DNA of a cuttlefish. Unlike the other patients, Fish remembers who she is. She also has nifty new fingernail powers of persuasion! Or just long fingernails on her hand which she uses for her powers of persuasion! Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is worried about Selena (Alfred is very disappointed in Bruce), and Lucius drives Bruce to Arkham so Jim Gordon can dress up like a security guard, see what wall Lucius marked during his tour with Peabody, and make it down to Indian Hill. Strange and Bruce chat, and that gets super weird super fast as Strange thinks it’s okay to pretty much admit to having involvement in Thomas’ murder and warning Bruce not to go down the same path. Everybody gets grabbed! Bruce and Lucius are thrown into a gas chamber where Nygma (who has of course wormed his way into Strange’s good graces) interrogates them about what they know in regards to Strange) while Strange uses some steampunk looking crap to make Clayface look like Jim Gordon! Also Selina convinces a brainwashed Firefly that she needs a servant. So Selina is saved! Oh, yeah! THE COURT OF OWLS are totally in charge of Strange!

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