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Monday, May 16, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow 1x15 - Destiny | Review

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #177 - Legends of Tomorrow 1x15 - Destiny | Review - Rip Hunter is introduced to the concept of The Oculus, the device by which the Time Masters map and (surprise!) manipulate time. Turns out that the Time Masters are in league with Vandal Savage because he is, despite the many atrocities he visits upon humanity, the only person who can unite humanity enough for mankind to survive the coming Thanagarian war! Oh, and the Time Masters claim that they instructed Savage to kill Rip’s family to make him rebel and give him purpose. Shit. In other news, Mick is being brainwashed into being Chronos again, Snart is into Sara, Rip sees Ray die trying to shut the Oculus down, Jax teams with Stein to travel back to the future (and does so while also convincing Stein to give him the roofie in the first place), and the team loses not a Ray as foretold, but Snart who, as he would put it, takes one for the team. The Oculus is destroyed, and the Time Masters no longer have the ability to map time. They end their association with Savage who has just freshly killed Rip’s family with Kendra and Carter in tow.

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