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Monday, May 30, 2016

The Flash 2x23 – The Race of His Life (Season Finale) | Review + DC Rebirth

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #185 - The Flash 2x23 – The Race of His Life (Season Finale) | Review - At Henry’s funeral, Barry promises vengeance. Zoom challenges Barry to a race to see who is the fastest man alive! If he doesn’t race, Zoom will start killing more people Barry loves. Harry notes that Zoom has stolen a magnetar from Mercury labs, and that, if powered by Zoom and Flash, it could destroy the multiverse (as seen in Cisco’s vision). Barry is consumed with rage, so Joe and co. tranq barry and keep him imprisoned in the Pipeline so he can’t race Zoom. They plan to distract Zoom with Caitlin, shoot him with the meta boot, and shove him through a Cisco breach before destroying the magnetar. It all goes awry, and while Zoom is forced through the breach, he takes Joe with him. The gang thinks it best to close the rifts for good, but Wally refuses, and lets Barry out so he can race Zoom. Joe, meanwhile, in Zoom’s prison learns that the man in the iron mask is Jay Garrick from a third Earth! Then Barry and Cisco send a vibed message that Barry will race Zoom. Which he does, utilizing one of Zoom’s tactics. As the magnetar is being powered, it’s revealed that Barry ran back in time, and brought his time remnant with him. Even as Zoom wins, the time remnant Flash counteracts the pulse (killing himself in the process) while Flash lets the time wraiths come and take Zoom to his fate. Back at Star Labs, it’s revealed the real Jay Garrick is a Henry Allen doppleganger! Harry says he and Jesse can help him get back to Earth 3 from Earth 2. Back at home, Barry says he can’t be with iris, but she says she will wait for him. They kiss, and then Barry runs back in time and saves his mother. We also get spoilery on DC's Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns!

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