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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Gotham 2x19 – Azrael | Review

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #169 - Gotham 2x19 – Azrael | Review - Jim Gordon lets it be known that he’s on to Hugo Strange even as Hugo experiments with the newly resurrected Theo Galavan, who’s mind is an absolute wasteland of themes and verses from the Book of St. Dumas! Hugo, burdened with the new threat of jim Gordon, convinces Galavan that he is the angel of death, Azrael, and presents him with a mock-up of The Suit of Sorrows armor and the Sword of sin. He sends Azrael after Gordon. In his assassination attempts on Gordon, Azrael manages to kill several GCPD officers, severely wound Captain Barnes, and inadvertently inspire young Bruce Wayne. After stabbing barnes, Gordon shoots Azrael off the GCPD roof where he falls maskless onto a police van in front of a half dozen reporters. The city now knows Galavan is alive. And that he’s Azrael. So does The penguin, Barbara, Butch, Tabitha, and everyone else. Oh, and Nygma has figured out a way into Indian Hill. Cause he’s Nygma, and that’s how he rolls.

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