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Monday, January 30, 2017

Arrow 5x10 – Who Are You? | Recap & Review

Download Arrow 5x10 – Who Are You? | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #303 – Arrow 5x10 – Who Are You? | Recap & Review
Laurel is back!  Except it’s definitely Earth 2’s Black Siren instead.  Felicity throws a welcome back party that’s really a Gather-Your-DNA-From-A-Glass party, which confirms the identical nature of this supposed Laurel.  New-Laurel catches on and tries to blow up the lab, but gets caught.  Felicity then allows New-Laurel to escape, but only after tricking her into swallowing nanotech that will track her.  They find Black Siren, working with Prometheus.  The team takes her down, but fails to capture Billy-Malone-Now’s killer.  Oliver stations her at a nearby ARGUS facility in the hopes that he can one day find a shred of the old Laurel in this new Siren.  During all this, Curtis has been unsure of his place on the team after having his ass handed to him a few times.  Rene, of all people, recognizes this and takes the time to mention to him how crucial he is to the team when he is playing to his strengths.  Elsewhere in the world, Diggle wants to get out of from under his charges the right way this time.  Oliver convinces Adrian Chase to help him out.  Diggle makes it clear that if he is transferred out of Star City under General Clark’s care it will be the penultimate stop on the way to a bullet to the head, so Chase gets a little creative, having Diggle punch him to keep the case in the Star City jurisdiction.  Back in Russia, Oliver gets the face beat out of him for a while in an attempt to make him attend to the Kovar Konstantine agenda.  In time, Talia al Ghul shows up to rescue him.  And in Hub City, a young lady busts up some bar fly assholes using what could only be a Canary Cry.  Oh, and Oliver decides to find another Canary to continue the legacy.  Because that’s what’s happening.

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