Monday, January 30, 2017

Supergirl 2x09 – Supergirl Lives | Recap & Review

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SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #300 – Supergirl 2x09 – Supergirl Lives | Recap & Review
A missing teenager tugs at Kara’s heart strings,  so she promises the mother she will absolutely find her little girl.  Mon-El insists on tagging along.  Following a lead from a string of other missing young persons, Kara finds a crazy doctor with a portal.  She and Mon-El dive through and find themselves on Slaver’s Moon, with a red sun and no powers.  Supergirl hunts for the missing girl anyway, and finds herself a captive.  Elsewhere, Winn is having some trouble getting back in the game after almost getting killed on a night excursion with Guardian, and Alex is over the moon about her new relationship with Maggie.  Alex’s happiness ends when she gets worried about Kara though.  Some investigation leads them to the portal, where Alex decides to mount a rescue mission.  She demands Winn be on the ground for this one, wanting to take no chances.  He balks, but Alex orders him.  The team arrives and finds Supergirl and Mon-El in the midst of a prisoner rebellion.  All together now, they make their way back to the portal, where they find Winn has overcome his fears and beaten the crap out of an alien.  Having made it safely home, Winn tells James that he’s ready to get back on the horse, Kara tells Snapper that she’s going to be the reporter she wants to be, Mon-El tells Kara that he’s ready to be a hero, Alex apologizes to Maggie for trying to call it off earlier, and Maggie reveals that she has figured out that Kara is Supergirl.  Also, back on Slaver’s Moon, the helmeted aliens looking for Mon-El find out from the stranded crazy doctor that he is now on Earth.

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