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Monday, January 30, 2017

Legends of Tomorrow 2x09 – Raiders of the Lost Art | Recap & Review

Download Legends of Tomorrow 2x09 – Raiders of the Lost Art | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #302 – Legends of Tomorrow 2x09 – Raiders of the Lost Art | Recap & Review
To save himself and the Spear of Destiny, Rip touches a time drive which reprograms his personality. Now a film student in 60's LA, he is found by Merlyn and Darhk. He has no memory of his former life, but has written a script about Rip Hunter's. They try to kidnap him, the Legends head them off, and Rip is arrested. Sara, Stein and Mick rescue him from prison, but fail to convince him that he is a Time Master. George Lucas, a classmate of Rip's, drops out of film school. The change in careers creates a time aberration. Due to a lack of Lucas films, Ray and Nate begin losing their memories and powers.  So Ray, Nate and Vixen set about finding Lucas and convincing him to make movies. They almost convince him, but Merlyn and Darhk come for Lucas as he unknowingly has the Spear.  However, Lucas tossed it in the trash, so the trio go to the landfill to search for it.  Lucas finds the Spear but the others convince him that they can’t give it up because Darhk will just kill them anyway.  At a crucial juncture, since they are in a trash compactor and are nearing certain death, Ray and Nate demand that Lucas own up to what he really wants to do.  He searches his soul and finds that he wants to direct, which changes the past again, giving Nate and Ray their powers back.  Then it's the Legends vs. The Legion of Doom, complete with a still-amnesiac Rip pretending to be a Time Master to limited success! The team makes off with the Spear and the Amulet, but not with Rip. He was nabbed by the Legion for some torture time! Meanwhile, Martin tries to help Mick stop seeing visions of Snart, even resorting to removing Time Master tech via surgery, but Mick's affliction turns out to be psychological.

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