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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jerome Returns to 'Gotham'! Plus All CW Shows Renewed! | DCTV News

Download Jerome Returns to 'Gotham'! Plus All CW Shows Renewed! | DCTV News

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #293 - We discuss:
Francine York Dies at 80 |
Jerome’s Return |
Gotham Casting |
Harley and Joker on Gotham |
Lucifer, 3 Episodes Left |
New Big Bad for Lucifer |
New Supergirl Promo |
Melissa Benoist, Diplomat Supreme |
Definitely no Superman Spinoff in the works |
Martian Love In the Air |
Lynda Carter gave Supergirl some advice |
Flash Supergirl Musical Crossover Details |
Black Flash Returning to Berlanti-verse |
Robbie Amell to appear as Ronnie Raymond |
Kreisberg on Iris’ Possible Death |
Rick Cosnett to Return to The Flash |
Gorilla City Updates |
Grant Gustin is 27 |
Guggs on the Spoiler- heavy Arrow Promo |
Black Canary reappearance on Arrow |
Guggenheim on Arrow Flashbacks |
Amell Out of Suit for A While |
Miller talks about Snart’s return |
Guggs on Rip Hunter and Spear of Destiny |
Commander Steel Coming Back |
Black Lightning has a Green Light |
Alan Tudyk to be Bruce Wayne’s cousin in Powerless |
New Dark Justice Clip and Matt Ryan Interview |
Anti-Monitor Invasion |
Injustice 2 will include Darkseid |
All Four CW DC Shows Renewed |
Constantine Revived As Animated Series |
Powerless Promos |
LGBT Characters Confirmed For Season 3 |

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