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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Lucifer 2x12 – Love Handles | Recap & Review

Download Lucifer 2x12 – Love Handles | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #299 – Lucifer 2x12 – Love Handles | Recap & Review
A masked killer tries to prove that at a crucial moment, good people will selfishly try to save their own lives.  The poison from last week’s episode is used on innocent people and perfect strangers are asked to harm themselves in order to save that person’s life.  Chloe and Lucifer manage to stop the killer, and when Lucifer corners him he offers a cryptic message about choices and kills himself.  All the while, Chloe tries to show Lucifer she can be a little more fun, and Lucifer keeps insisting to himself that Chloe’s recent interest in him must be one of his mother’s devious tricks.  With Linda’s inadvertent help, Charlotte decides to reveal Chloe’s divine roots to Lucifer.  First, she enlists a reluctant Maze to help with the intervention, then she invites him to the bar where Amenadiel blessed Chloe’s parents,right in front of  a convenient snapshot of Amenadiel and Chloe’s mom rests  on the wall (one must believe miraculously unperturbed for 36 years). Lucifer sees it and flips out about his Dad’s plans and tricks, then rushes to confront Chloe about whether she knew.  His anger wanes quickly, however, when he arrives and finds her scared in the bathroom, seemingly suffering from the same symptoms as the poisoned innocents.                               

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