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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Flash 3x10 – Borrowing Problems From the Future | Recap & Review

Download he Flash 3x10 – Borrowing Problems From the Future | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #301 – The Flash 3x10 – Borrowing Problems From the Future | Recap & Review
After initially looking like kind of a jackass, Barry finally decides he needs to tell Iris about the future he saw where Savitar kills Iris.  He tells Iris, who advises him to tell the rest of the team.  Well, except Joe.  The gang decides that the best way to try to help isn’t to change the past, since that always mucks things up pretty royally, but to subtly change the pieces of the present and guide the future into a different course.  Cisco vibes himself and Barry to the time when Iris was killed to read the headlines that he didn’t stop to read before.  The news scroll provides a to-do list for changing the future, and they set about their tasks.  Caitlin, who has been feeling more and more out of control of Killer Frost, asks Julian to join the team and help her depower.  The team is hesitant, but they accept his help on behalf of Caitlin, who has been prophesied to be Frost again in just a few months.  Also, H.R. has completed renovations and is ready to open the Star Labs Museum.  However, opening night is a complete bomb.  Everyone, and especially Cisco, is ready to call it a day and shrug off the project until the news of the closing of Star Labs appears in the future news scroll.  Cisco then revamps and advertises the museum pretty much overnight and shares a great moment with H.R. as he shows him the crowded and repaired museum.  The touching H.R. moment is quickly followed by the quiet appearance of Gypsy, who appears to be on the hunt for the alternate Harrison.

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