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Monday, January 23, 2017

Gotham 3x12 - Ghosts | Recap & Review

Download Gotham 3x12 - Ghosts | Recap & Review

SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #294 - Gotham 3x12 - Ghosts | Recap & Review - We return to Mario Falcone’s funeral and the aftermath.  Lee is deeply mad at Jim so she agrees to comply with the hit Falcone wants to put out on Jim.  Even though Zsasz has a fondness for Jim he merrily sets about the task of killing him, which annoys Bullock because he’s around him a lot.  Leslie visits Barnes in jail and realizes he’s completely changed and that Mario was probably crazed when Jim put him down.  This gives her second thoughts about the assassination and she begs Falcone to call it off.  He regretfully complies and tells Zsasz to back down.  The Ed/Barbara coalition to destroy Penguin uses an elaborate plan to make Penguin think his father is a ghost but is also a desecrated corpse.  He freaks out so wonderfully that he kills the man who once held Edward’s job, and completely tanks a live, nationally televised interview.  Bruce manages to talk Selena into giving her estranged mother a second chance.  The gang has a lovely dinner and bonds nicely, but the next morning Maria is cornered in her apartment by a thug looking to get back his money and Selena has to name-drop Bruce to get rid of him. At the morgue, Dwight the coroner has been reviving dead bodies and holding Jerome-was-awesome rallies.  After Jim and Bullock bust up a meeting, and knowing for certain now that his tech works, Dwight decides it’s time to undead Jerome himself. 

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